Software development

Some day any company makes for itself a list of specific tasks through the implementation of which it receives the competitive advantage in the market. In this regard every manager at some point is faced with a shortage of functionality necessary for work in widely available commercial products. At this point Fenix products come to the rescue. We use our extensive experience in information technology and resources to ensue the leadership of our partner in the market. Having all necessary technological, legal, marketing and financial resources to create, support and manage large-scale projects we are able to operate services during high loads and large volumes of data. Our experienced team of product managers and developers, as well as technological experience, deep industry expertise and understanding of business processes of Russian companies allow us to show an individual approach to each client and focus on the desired result. We develop and implement high-tech innovational solutions advancing the needs of our Customers. Partner receives only high quality and unique product.

FENIX services in software development:

  • Software solutions of any complexity, including highly loaded
  • Distributed systems of content storing and managing
  • Mobile applications for all types of platforms and operating systems
  • Terms of reference within the define requirements

Software development methodology
During the existence of the Company we convinced ourselves that it is impossible to have completely unified approach to each development project.Depending on the intended use of software and stability of business requirements to it, we:

  • Use several options of software life cycle models
  • Use formal or informal control of changes
  • Use incremental or advance planning

To implement a project we form a team of developers and other technical professionals – a working group of the project which:

  • makes Work Breakdown Structure of the project – the project is decomposed to smaller components
  • based on the decomposition creates Roadmap, which identifies the key stages of the project – reference points
  • for each reference point records a certain result which can be demonstrated to customer
  • reference points are connected to the time: they are used to put dates
  • during the project constantly monitors execution of reference points

The development process is based on iterations. Each iteration results in development of the required set of functionality as well as delivering of the next software version. Size of iteration may be different. Such approach helps to minimize the costs of project completion as project control, its conformity to business requirements and contact with customer is made all the time.   

Technology experience of FENIX Company
Success of FENIX lies mainly in gained advanced technological experience. We make considerable efforts to study and practice the latest technologies, platforms and products.
Over the years FENIX has developed deep base of expert knowledge in creation of high performance services that use fault tolerant architecture solutions.