Support and maintenance

For prompt solution of all emerging challenges and for added flexibility of customer’s IT infrastructure FENIX Company provides services of support and maintenance. The experience gained in supporting the system of any complexity and loading allows us to equally well maintain both own developed solutions and the ones installed by third parties. In the analysis of the systems, preventing maintenance and troubleshooting we use the latest assessment, monitoring and diagnostics technology.

FENIX provides the following services of support and maintenance :

  • 24/7 technical support for IT solutions
  • 24/7 systems monitoring for the customer.
  • 24/7 reporting of failures in customer’s systems operation and performing of their recovery.  
  • 24/7 claims processing.
  • Provision of users with software updated versions and new releases as they become available.  
  • Advice on installation, reinstallation, configuration and administration.

What FENIX aims at

Our company is willing to work both with customers who want to keep the existing systems important for work, and with customers seeking to extend, add and adapt to modern technology some inherited or old systems. Maintenance works in this case may include monitoring of system performance, testing, small problems solving and other. Thus, the range of support and maintenance services provides both maintenance and improving of applications performance according to client’s requirements.     

Advantages of cooperation with FENIX

  • Flexibility in services offer – various schemes of service: from single services to high service programs including elements of system design.
  • Extensive experience of work with equipment from different vendors.
  • Successful experience of customers’ systems and networks support from different industries.
  • Vast geography of work on account of partners’ service centers in Russia and abroad, and proved logistics.
  • High performance evaluation from major companies.