CRM systems

CRM is one of the components of the company’s business strategy which consists in creation of special mechanisms of interaction with customers, aimed at meeting of their needs.The result of such strategy is reorientation of entire structure of the company, corporate culture and business processes.The use of this strategy enables to increase the loyalty of existing customers, attract new ones and even form regular business partners from customers. A major instrument for the implementation of this approach is implementation of specialized information systems, called CRM systems.  

CRM systems from FENIX serve to implement customer-centered strategy of company. We provide the following opportunities:

  • Business processes management
  • Contacts and history of interaction with customers management
  • Sales management
  • Resources management
  • Automation of documents management
  • Marketing management
  • Analytics

Thus the use of automated CRM systems helps to reduce the influence of human factor on relations with customers, as it formalizes all procedures and operations provided by company strategy.
At the same time our clients do not have to worry about additional hardware resources to work with the CRM systems, because our system allows us to deploy the capacities of the FENIX Company and work using the cloud technologies, which also reduces costs and maintenance.

We also offer an option when there are only contacts in the cloud which customer uses, to have access to them from anywhere in the world.