Bulk messaging

SMS bulk messaging of FENIX Company is a convenient and reliable device for communication between the company and customers. Transferred in this case information can have diverse nature: description of new products and services, changing of tariffs, sales, and personal notifications. Using of SMS bulk messaging can increase loyalty to the company, increase sales, achieve any marketing goals. Efficiency of SMS messages delivery and simplicity of messaging organization gradually replace the previously used e-mail.

In addition the gained by FENIX Company experience in bulk messaging enables to cover different target groups of subscribers. Groups of subscribers can be created by customer using the address book, and by the system of targeting according to different characteristics:

  • Region
  • Subscriber’s activity
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Interests

For each of these groups there is a creation and storing of special patterns, to avoid the chore of messages text formatting for every sending. And as a separate option there is a possibility of automatic processing of replies received from subscribers.
Due to the use of modern software complexes it is possible to provide easy operation, complete confidentiality and low cost.