ICB+ platform

ICB Technology (Interactive Cell Broadcast) enables to broadcast to “hibernating” mobile phone screen free announcements of various subjects. When subscriber clicks “OK” he receives full access to the provided information. Announcements come to phone’s screen only if the device is in standby mode, so they do not prevent the incoming and outgoing calls, sending of SMS/MMS messages and using of Internet. The services start to work automatically when you connect to operator’s network after you install the SIM card into the phone.

For several years already experts of FENIX work successfully with variety of ICB platforms. In particular, starting with May 2010 we control ICB service of “MTS News” in MTS Russia, and from February 2012 – ICB service “MTS Air” in MTS Belarus. Having gained the extensive experience of ICB service management we studied well all objective limitations and disadvantages of ICB technology. This allowed us to develop our own technological solution Salute, deprived of disadvantages of ICB and possessing significant advantages.    

Based on our own Salute technology FENIX Company developers not only develop the existing ICB services, but also create new interactive services that improve the contact of mobile operators with their subscribers. Particularly, we offer the following new opportunities:

  • Permanent service personalization for each particular subscriber.
  • Address delivery of interactive messages without the mass “spam”
  • Display of interactive messages in appropriate moments

Salute technology provides both works with built-in SIM-applet and without their use.