Uncertainty of the modern business environment makes leaders of any company keeping up with the times search for solutions enabling to steady processes which have essential influence on efficiency of activity.

One way of such stabilization is introduction of project solutions with sufficiently fundamental nature and reliability on the one hand and necessary flexibility for adaptation to possible changes, on the other hand.

To some extend this process resembles selection of a ship for navigation in severe waters of the ocean.

Stability during storm and high speed in calm sea, easy steering and sufficient capacity for provision of crew with food and water – all this criteria are relatively easy to project on those imposed on modern informational systems.

When we face the problem to choose a ship we look for skillful captain, good experienced crew, shipbuilder whose ships have been severely tested by ocean’s storms.

During more than ten years we have created many ready-made solutions tested by real tasks and confirmed its high quality.


Ready-made solutions developed by FENIX Company

When implementing informational systems you should choose developer with years of diverse tasks solution experience, deep expertise in various fields and close-knit team of professionals.

FENIX Company in all respects fully meets these requirements as it has vast experience in design, development, implementation, and support of various projects, and a team who is ready to embody this experience in the applicable informational systems.