Integrated industry solutions development on request

In today’s world information technologies increase penetrating in the activity of all industries. The purpose of such technologies is increase in efficiency of control mechanisms by creation of general information and technology infrastructure, improve in performance by integration of information resources. Using of information technologies helps enhance the effectiveness of activity, perform its optimization and improve relations with customer.  Constantly changing business environment imposes additional requirements on information security, data protection, availability, reliability and high stability to the operation of information systems in use.         

At the same time specific character of different industries raises specific requirements to the information systems used by facilities. In this case the factors that have to be considered during development and introduction of systems can differ quite a lot from sector to sector. This requires not only extensive knowledge from developers, but also flexibility in applying of this knowledge in adjustment to the required conditions.        

Deep industry expertise from the FENIX Company experts and practical knowledge of key processes in different industries help us create software which meets any unique needs, considering specifics of Russian companies. We successfully use our extensive experience in developing of custom integrated solutions to support the process of designing, producing and information and technology support.      

FENIX Company offers the following services:

  • Development and introduction of hi-tech solutions for any industries
  • Customization and support of product solutions available in market
  • Virtualization of the used platforms using cloud technologies
  • Selecting of integration platform based on industry standards
  • Flexible service agreements for services provision