Consulting and expertise

At present informational technologies have become an integral part of any company, regardless of the number of its staff. Continuous optimization of IT infrastructure and use of the latest and the most advanced technology in IT becomes a necessity for provision of competitive advantages. The rates of information technology development make this task very difficult because of the need in continuous staff development. This constant race for knowledge sometimes can be very expensive, and therefore many companies prefer to use the services of specialized consulting companies.

Many years of experience in building and implementation of information systems allow the experts from FENIX Company to accumulate a large knowledge base. Our consultants and experts willing to share experience and provide significant assistance in resolving any issues faced by developers of company’s IT infrastructure.

FENIX Company provides advice and expertise on the following:

  • Independent evaluation of software development processes
  • Upgrading of software development processes efficiency
  • Building of complex program solutions based on heterogeneous systems
  • Evaluation of the level of technical equipment and work of data processing centers
  • Evaluation of corporate data safety
  • Introduction of automated systems of projects management
  • Introduction of corporate portals and building of knowledge bases
  • Advice on ready-made systems and monitoring solutions.
  • Advice on virtualization and cloud technologies

Consulting and expertise from FENIX Company helps you to:

  • Reduce the cost of information technologies implementation by increasing of service level
  • Provide professional support to existing information systems
  • Increase the efficiency and reliability of the company’s hardware infrastructure
  • Find vulnerable spots in system security and provide recommendations for their optimal elimination
  • Increase the efficiency of business processes
  • Built a base for the growth of competitive advantage and full development of your company